Unfortunately that’s as far as it went!

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Unfortunately that’s as far as it went!
Unfortunately that's as far as it went!

I had my book, my life experience as a Canadian Aboriginal published by Xlibris in 2011 and they did an excellent job of editing I, doing the cover and left everything up to me for my written approval. I'm a Canadian Aboriginal, formerly called Indians and if my book was published in Canada the story would have been distorted to the point that there would have been very little, if any truth to the story! Then I spent phenomenal money advertising and promoting my book and copies went very fast at book fairs when I was autographing them and giving them away.

Asking then where they were REALLY located, all admitted Nigeria

I got next to nothing in royalties and in 2016 Xlibris asked me for $15, for a publicist and I would have ABSOLUTELY no way of knowing if the were just going to take my money and say they got a publicist then just give me a little bit of money! Then in 2017 asked me for $1, to try and get Indigo, Canada's largest book store chain to market my book. An author shouldn't have to pay a publishing company to try and market their book in a large book store chain, the publisher should be doing that to increase sales. There used to be a website titled pissedconsumer/xlibris/rt-f,html with many complaints about Xlibris.

I have been contacted by Newman Springs and when I tried to contact them by Email it was rejected. I tried two different Email addresses to the same person and both were rejected. I think I will keep walking. Any feed back about Xliberis Publishing in Indiana?

The contract was full of typos, misspelled words

All I can say is DO NOT USE FIVERR!! Every single “freelancer” I contacted, probably 10-12, were all, a) in Nigeria, which should have sent off bells, b) submitted totally unprofessional work that they obviously did not know how to do, and c) will try very hard to convince you to up the price, prophesize. to you about Jesus, and d) try to get you to send them money for something: trip to USA, bills, overhead to continue to be a freelancer, some medical issue, and the list goes on.

It was interesting to read what all the authors had to say about New Readers. I too got the same information but my quoted price was $17,500 to promote my book. They pay $10,000, I pay $7,500. This is a 50 page young readers book. The deal included what was covered by other people it would be in 3 bookstores of my choice and all the internet promo. Looks like the price is more expensive for little books! Oh, they also were going to be printing it themselves only in hard copy. It was also $24,ooo to get a screenplay written to be sent to the powers that be, to make it into a film. I would pay $14,000 of that. I understand another person did some research and contacted these libraries and there is no banner and magic shelf in their libraries. The guy I talked to seemed nervous at times, some of my basic questions he could not answer. He would have to go to management. You know what they say, “Just say no!” THE END

I too have been contacted by New Reader, with talk of a screen play and a film deal. They sound very convincing but has anyone experienced a successful contract with them local hookup near me Calgary?

This entire situation with New Reader Magazine can only go two ways: either do exactly what they promise they can do, meaning landing film contracts, nothing else because promoting books is a waste of time. The other is failing to do what they promise and being exposed for everyone to know, which will cause them to go bankrupt and start up FBI investigations everywhere, it won't end well for them. They ask me for more money with a animated children's book that is very special, my other project they didn't ask for more money, please, keep in mind that investing in something that is a billion dollar Industry is a no brainer, the financial benefits are remarkable, that said, only with legitimate and respectable companies that have credibility. To end this, New Reader Magazine has to prove themselves and have successful stories to show everyone they are the real deal, I will tell everyone my results as soon as they finish.

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