She states exactly how she does not want to go out of because the she wants are part of Fairy End

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She states exactly how she does not want to go out of because the she wants are part of Fairy End
She states exactly how she does not want to go out of because the she wants are part of Fairy End

Phantom Lord Arch [ ]

Lucy are caught from the Phantom Lord grasp Jose Porla, now in the guild head office. This new guild needed to sanctuary by the beat out of Makarov Dreyar, their master. Natsu overhears a discussion ranging from Aria and you may Gajeel Redfox proclaiming that it trapped this lady they wanted, Lucy. Natsu holds an arbitrary associate and helps make xmatch support your simply tell him in which she will be. Lucy methods the dog owner who's already holding their attentive and you can proceeds to leave, just to learn she's are stored prisoner inside the a air jail. She leaps out, knowing that Natsu could there be and he helps you to save the girl. As the she falls, she phone calls aside to possess Natsu, which hears the woman call and you can output along with his own. He runs for the Lucy and you can, releasing themselves into air, captures the woman about nick of your energy.

Immediately after he stuck Lucy, Natsu spotted Lucy sobbing and therefore startles him. Pleased and Natsu ask Lucy why this woman is crying to which Lucy tearfully responses one to everything is her fault. After that pressing answer, Natsu states you to she actually is included in this and this she has no to go out of. Then requires when the she can stay, that Lucy stays quiet. Natsu chooses to hold a tearful Lucy for the his back, promising so you can himself which he gets revenge on the Phantom Lord for what they have over.

After, Lucy was again grabbed by the Phantom Lord and you will then beaten and you can tortured because of the Gajeel. Natsu seems to break-in and you may save your self the lady from a potentially life-threatening strike at the last-minute. Throughout their struggle with Phantom Lord, Natsu battles having Gajeel with all his you will when deciding to take revenge to have hurting Lucy and Guild. But not, viewing how defectively Natsu is actually getting outdone, Lucy began to cry to have him. She phone calls out Sagittarius to greatly help Natsu, asking him if there's anyway he is able to do flames. After Sagittarius efficiently grounds a surge next to Natsu and you will Gajeel, which leads to Nastu taking the newest flames, Natsu starts his counterattack. Lucy is actually amazed once Natsu turned successful.

Whenever Lucy leftover so you can face the lady dad, Natsu, as well as everyone else, turned very upset, believing that she has made a decision to hop out the new Guild. The guy, as well as Erza, Gray and you may Happier, goes to her residence to carry the woman straight back. Up on arriving, it discover that she simply decided to go to alert the girl dad so you're able to never annoy Fairy Tail once more and to bring him their finally goodbye. It actually was after said by Pleased that Natsu cried getting Lucy when she remaining.

Loke Arch [ ]

Because Natsu is incorrectly to experience pond which have Grey, Lucy takes on a beneficial "Special Goal" off Mira Natsu travel on their attraction, Natsu succumbs, once more, to help you their actions sickness, and you can lies inactive. Here, it discover that its objective is to try to let a movie theater household and their development, that they perform, but, for that reason, they wreck the fresh theater home in the act. However, to help you everybody's surprise, the latest gamble gets quite popular.

Once beating particular troublemakers when you look at the Balsam Town, Natsu in addition to anyone else chooses to remain at an inn to have the night. Because they are speaking, they find Loke regarding range, and attempt to speak to him, but Loke, up on seeing Lucy's visibility, works aside. In their remain at the newest inn, Natsu initiate a cushion fight ranging from Gray, Erza, and you may himself. With Gray frequently winning, Natsu, incapable of deal with his losses, calls toward Lucy to make a reasoning. Through to observing Loke's disappearance, Natsu actively seeks their other Fairy Tail Mage.

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